Our Story

STYGR by sisters Florine & Paulette Stijger is born out of a passion for fashion and crafting. Read the STYGR story below, as told by the sisters.

Our journey

Our journey began in 2019 with no grand plans or elaborate strategies. We simply followed our instincts, fueling our passion for creativity and venturing into the unknown. From our atelier in Haarlem, we meticulously handcrafted every garment ourselves, experimenting with various designs, including dresses, shirts, and, of course, our beloved bomber jackets.

Empowering Style, Empowering People

It was through these jackets that we found our niche and discovered our true calling. Balloon sleeves, stitched-on pockets, and a wide array of unique fabrics became our signature elements, transforming our bomber jackets into iconic symbols of empowerment and timeless pieces that transcend fleeting trends.The response was overwhelming, and STYGR quickly gained recognition for our distinct style.

Redefining Fashion with Conscious Garments

As we grew, we realized the importance of elevating our quality and ethical practices. In 2023, we made a significant stride by partnering with a fair fashion production company based in Amsterdam, with an atelier in Istanbul. This collaboration not only allowed us to expand our reach but also enabled us to support newcomers, including refugees, who would be crafting our new collection of bomber jackets launching in September this year. With this partnership, our quality and craftsmanship will reach new heights, establishing us as a high-end bomber jacket brand.

Crafting Timeless Pieces: Beyond Fast Fashion

Inspired by a desire to challenge the fast fashion culture and overproduction, we strive to create conscious garments that transcend trends and stand the test of time. Our vision is to craft timeless pieces that ignite pride and empowerment in those who wear them. 

Introducing the Kimini: Unique Slow Fashion

In anticipation of our forthcoming bomber jacket collection, we're thrilled to offer a sneak peek into our creative vision. Introducing the Kimini—a unique blend of the kimono and mini (bomber) jacket. Handmade in Amsterdam, we are very proud of this slow fashion collection.

Join the STYGR Squad

Are you ready to join our STYGR squad? Our designs are not just clothes, they're an expression of individuality and creativity. We believe in empowering our customers to embrace their uniqueness and make a bold statement in the world of fashion! ♥