At STYGR, we're all about being part of the bigger picture. We understand the environmental and social issues prevalent in the fashion industry and strive to do better every day in developing and producing our clothing.

Built to Last

We have an unwavering commitment to quality that goes beyond the fabric itself. We firmly believe that a garment should transcend fleeting trends and withstand the test of time. That's why we pay meticulous attention to every aspect of our products, from the choice of fabric to the production process. By embracing timeless design and avoiding trend-driven fads, we aim to create pieces that you'll cherish for years to come. Our ultimate goal is to become a part of your personal style story, and we'll be thrilled if you never want to part ways with your STYGR.

Innovative and sustainable

We're dedicated to innovation and sustainability at STYGR, not only in our choice of materials but also in our production practices. We strive to produce our garments in the most responsible and ethical way possible, with a deep respect for both people and the planet. While we may not exclusively use typically sustainable fabrics, we prioritize the longevity and quality of our pieces, ensuring they are built to last. Our commitment to small production quantities, fair manufacturing, and a conscious approach to fashion sets us apart from fast fashion brands. We continuously explore and seek out more sustainable alternatives to enhance our collection's eco-friendliness. Our focus is on creating a positive impact and making conscious choices throughout every step of our journey.

Crafting Clothing with Care

Makers Unite is our production partner in both Amsterdam and Turkey, and they play a vital role in bringing our sustainable fashion vision to life. They are a social enterprise that provides employment and training opportunities for newcomers to the country, many of whom are refugees. With their expertise in fashion production, we are able to create high-quality garments that are made with heart and soul. By working with Makers Unite, we are not only supporting a socially responsible enterprise but also contributing to a more inclusive and diverse society.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we prioritize sourcing materials from nearby European suppliers rather than distant locations in Asia. Our commitment to local production ensures that everything is made in Amsterdam and Turkey, minimizing transportation emissions.

Additionally, for every order received, we calculate the estimated shipping emissions and allocate a portion of our revenue to vetted carbon removal companies endorsed by Carbon Direct.

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Clothing for Years to Come

At STYGR, we believe in creating garments that seamlessly blend comfort and functionality with modern luxury. Our timeless collections can be mixed and matched for years to come, and because we produce our clothing in small batches, we're able to avoid overproduction.

Join the STYGR Squad

Are you ready to join our STYGR squad? Our designs are not just clothes, they're an expression of individuality and creativity. We believe in empowering our customers to embrace their uniqueness and make a bold statement in the world of fashion! ♥