The Kimini

Elevate your wardrobe with our new Kimini collection - a perfect blend of bohemian chic, elegance, and playfulness. Choose your favourite from our gorgeous "flavours" and make a statement this season.

Slow Fashion From Amsterdam

Discover our exclusive mini collection featuring four unique Kiminis that will elevate your style this season. Handmade in Amsterdam, these limited edition pieces embody the essence of slow fashion and craftsmanship.

The Kimini... What's That?

The name "Kimini" represents the fusion of "kimono" and "mini," capturing the essence of these mini kimonos perfectly. But of course, we wouldn't be STYGR if they didn't also have a bomber jacket feel to them.
Experience the artistry of our Kimini Collection and make a statement this season. Embrace slow fashion, support local artisans, and add a touch of high-end style to your wardrobe.

Clothing For Timeless Wardrobes

At STYGR, we believe in creating garments that seamlessly blend comfort and functionality with modern luxury. Our timeless collections can be mixed and matched for years to come, and because we produce our clothing in small batches, we're able to avoid overproduction.

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Are you ready to join our STYGR squad? Our designs are not just clothes, they're an expression of individuality and creativity. We believe in empowering our customers to embrace their uniqueness and make a bold statement in the world of fashion! ♥